About Temple

Sri Gayathri is known by various names such as Vedamathe, Triloka janani and many more. Sri Gayathri is the sangama of Trimurthi’s namely Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara. The sacred temple of goddess Sri Gayathri is located in Yeswanthpur, Bangalore, Karnataka famously known as the silicon valley of India.

The almighty Lord Brahma is the Maker of the universe and his mighty creations is being carefully protected by Lord Vishnu. Lord Shiva demolishes every sin in this world and thus the creations of Lord Brahma attain mukhti. The Universe and thus the whole world exist by virtue of the three Lords namely Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. All these three Devas owe their origin to the Goddess Gayathri Devi. Being the root of the world, she empowers the word "OM" . All the Four(4) Vedas originated from her onlyThe meaning of the “Gayathri Mantra” is that, the one who is lighting our knowledge is the one we worship. The “Gayathri Mantra” describes the power that enlightens us as our LORD. Vishwamitra, the devoted sage by uttering the powerful Gayathri Mantar only, created the Heaven. All the shaktis of the world owe their origin to the Gayathri Mantra only.

The Devi has five faces and three legs. Sri Gayathri Devi is bestowed with five faces and three legs. The five faces represent Knowledge, Layyam, Rithi, Shristi, and Siddhi. Sri Gayathri Devi’s three legs represent three worlds, first for earth, second for heaven, and third for Suvaloka.