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A native of Virupakshagramma in Mulbagal taluk, Chidambara Dikshit is a replica of simplicity and subscribes to Oliver Cromwell’s dictum: “Put your trust in god and keep your power dry”. His rigorous austerities have evoked the admiration of many devotees. Most often, Dikshit goes into a trance and many frustrated devotees have testified to his healing touch.

Several miracles have also taken place here. Once the late Raj kapoor, a versatile actor, sustained heavy losses as a film producer .During his visit to the Gayatri temple he swore that he would consume poison if the goddess did not save him. Amazingly, within a short span of time, his business improved by leaps and bounds.

In 1968, on a certain day Dikshit had not even a rupee to buy oil for the evening puja. His desperation was inexplicable. After performing sandhyavandanam he was sitting in corner pensively. All of a sudden, he noticed a middle-aged widow in front of the temple. Dikshit thought that she was a beggar and contemptuously asked her to get out. The poor woman coolly said; “Swamiji, please accept my humble contribution of Rs.100 for tomorrow’s abishekam for the goddess”.

Saying that she woud come to the temple next day she handed over a 100-rupee note to him and left the place. Lo! she never turned up the next day. “what else could it be if not the grace of goddess Gayatri?” says, Dikshit in a voice choked with emotion.

The Vedas are the fountain-head of Hindu culture. It has been rightly said that there is no greater mantra than Gayatri and no greater deity than mother. God is believed to have taught the sages of yore Gayatri Mantra – the cream of Vedas. By chanting Gayatri Mantra with steadfast devotion one can stamp out evil forces face obstacles with fortitude and achieve Elysian bliss. She is also know as Vedamatha.

Sage Vishwamitra became a Brahmarshi and achieved immortal fame by chanting Gayatri mantra. Saint Vidyaranya, founder of the Vijayanagar empire and a staunch devotee of Gayatri, was able to make her shower gold coins. Gopala Dasa, a disciple of saint Vijayadasa, acquired miraculous powers after performing Gayatrijapa for two years.

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